About X-Sight

X-Sight team

We are a Czech-based company focused on developing optical extensometers and advanced DIC optical measuring systems for deformation and deflection analysis.

We provide turnkey measuring devices based on our own DIC strain analysis software to augment your experimental research with precise, accurate, and complex data. Our key personnel’s expertise is based on more than a decade of practical technical insights into DIC development and application.

Our company has achieved industry recognition for delivering efficient, user-friendly, and high-quality DIC metrology systems and optical extensometry solutions for complex and sensitive applications.



Valuing Performance

Our team is dedicated to the advancement of the DIC technique and its efficient data supply for mechanical testing and engineering.

Assisting Innovation

We believe that the most inventive potential arises from interactions between developers and clients. That is, by combining technical insight and attention to the client’s needs. This approach has proven to inspire solving existing problems in new ways.

Focusing on Accessibility and Reliability

Although strict attention to detail lies at the core of our development process, we follow a pragmatic mindset and deliver DIC systems, which are user-friendly and render high-value outputs.

X Sight rebar reinforcing steel tensile testing
X Sight Tensile Testing


DIC systems developed and produced by our company are designed to minimize the occurrence of errors and invalid results and maximize the amount of information obtained testing. The intuitiveness of the software and low requirements for preparation and calibration serve to maintain time and cost effectiveness.

We emphasize cooperation and a thorough understanding of the client-specific needs and application range. We will help you design and perform measurements of material specimens or components of your choice.


petr g


CEO & Head of Applications

Petr has obtained his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology in 2012.

His experience with DIC applications stems from more than a decade of cooperation with our engineering clients. Petr leads the team and supports it with his expertise in experiment design, conceptual thinking, and innovative insight into DIC implementation and application.

honza 1



Jan acquired his master’s degree in software engineering with a specialization in signal processing at the Brno University of Technology in 2004.

Jan is the primary author of the Alpha strain analysis software. He has over 14 years of experience in commercial computer programming and data processing. Jan is an accomplished software analyst, designer, and product manager.

michal 1


CCO, R&D Manager

Michal has been involved in product development and DIC technologies since 2007. Together with Jan Cepela, he created the first commercially focused industrial DIC system, ADICT, in 2009, designed for quality control of fuel sensors. Additionally, since 2010, Michal has engaged in program management, business growth, and leadership roles within companies focusing on in-house research and the development of Czech products.

In 2020 he joined X-Sight as an Innovation Manager and today, he is also responsible for global business development as CCO.